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This Indian song “Jiya” is from an Indian movie “Gunday” that’s due to come out in February. Thanks to Andy in Oman for posting about this. This song is stunningly gorgeous, as is the scenery, all filmed apparently in Oman. I wonder if the ruins are the Munisifeh ruins in Ibra.



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Andy in Oman

The Daily Mail says this song is “set to make temperatures soar”.  With the cool temperatures brought on by the recent rains, let’s hope so! 🙂

Anyone recognize which exact areas of Oman are in this video?  I’m pretty sure I recognize the dhow (Arabian boat) and area of Bandar Khiran from 1:19-1:22 and again at 2:08-209.  The mountains and hills of Oman are so beautiful that most of the shots could have been filmed just about anywhere.

This song was published on youtube just 6 days ago (Jan. 15, 2014) and already has more than 507,000 views!

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