Goodbye, Oman and hello Heathrow! On to Barcelona!

in search of a thousand cafés

Thursday, June 27:  I meet Abudullah from the University of Nizwa at Immigration so he can take my Omani residence card and cancel my visa.  He’s very nice about it;  it’s simply something that must be done by order of the Royal Omani Police.  Workers must be escorted out of the country once their contracts are finished.

In the terminal, I have a long conversation with Sarah, a 29-year-old teacher at one of the other colleges in Nizwa.  Their recruiter wasn’t able to commit to renewing anyone’s contracts, so she applied at the Sultan’s new Military College and got a job.  So she’s off to a month in Victoria, Canada and another month in England and Scotland before she returns to work there.  She’s completed her first year in Oman, and spent the preceding 5 years teaching in Japan.  We talk about how difficult it is to return home…

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