Wednesday, March 13:  Today I got a message from WordPress congratulating me on three years of blogging.  I had lost track of the time I have been doing this, so it was nice to get this happy anniversary message. It’s been a grand adventure!!

Three years ago today, I was two weeks into my first year of living and working abroad in South Korea.  This was my first experience EVER of living and working abroad.  My friend Myrna, who arrived in Korea at the same time as I did, and who lived right across the hall from me in Daegu, told me she had just started a blog about her experience in Korea.  She introduced me to her blog: MURN IN KOREA.  I didn’t know anything about blogging, but after researching the blogging platforms a bit, I registered my first blog with WordPress.  I wrote my first post on March 14 on catbird in korea: Idiomatic Coffee-J.

my first blog: catbird in korea

my first blog: catbird in korea

I have to say I love blogging.  I never look at it as a chore or an obligation (except when I have a slow internet connection and I’m trying to upload photos! Arghh!).  For me, it’s more fun than watching TV or any number of other mindless pastimes I could engage in.  It has given me motivation to discover some shape and meaning to my life journey and all the lessons I’ve learned while living abroad.  I hope to someday write a book (or two) about my experiences, as there is a lot I post privately that would make for VERY interesting reading.

I now have 14 blogs.  Nine of them feature countries or regions where I have traveled.  I also have one blog devoted to photography, whatever a moon has always meant, and another for my short stories, land of make-believe.  My three most extensive blogs are this one, about my life in Oman, catbird in korea, about my year in Korea, and nomad, interrupted: catbird in america, about my life in America.  When I leave Oman at the end of June, I will move to my America blog, where I imagine I will stay for a long time.  That is, until I get restless again. 🙂

I have to thank all of my amazing and fascinating readers, many of whom are bloggers themselves, for all of their support and encouragement over these three years.  Thank you for making this a rich and magnificent journey.  I’ve loved sharing my life with all of you, and I’ve loved sharing in your lives as well.

With all love and gratitude.  ~ Cathy