Tuesday, March 5:  Today, one of my colleagues came to my desk and said he had something I would be really happy to see.  He then handed me an essay one of his Level 2 students wrote about her Level 1 class in the fall semester.  I taught this student in Level 1 in the fall semester of 2012, and it made my day to read her essay.

Here it is, transcribed exactly as she wrote it.  Pardon the errors in English; please remember this student is in her second semester studying English at university in a country where Arabic is the native tongue and there are not many opportunities to speak English, except with their teachers on campus.

“Level One”

Last fall my teacher name is Cathy was committed and active for Level 1. I learned English and TOEFL.  I’m glad I had this class because the teacher was very funny, jovial, committed and the English I learned will help me in the future.

She is a married. She has two children.  She is 51 years old was a good mentor.

First, I learnd English.  Next I learned TOEFL.  Lastly, I learned skills.  English lecture was wonderful we were looking forward to attending  because it was a very learned lessons was a wonderful example.  We explain lessons play.  I like English very much.

As you can see my class was very useful to me becauce I met new friends who were good to me and I’ve loved them.  Teacher also liked the lessons she taught us well and tanks. Succeeded and moved to the next stage Level 2.

The teacher was very funny and happy.  I love my teacher very very mutch. The material I learned is going to help me on the toefl and in my future career.


I love how this student describes me as jovial, funny and happy. 🙂 I also love how she described me as only 51 years old (thanks to her for that!!).  She also forgot to mention my third child.  None of that matters.   I see a great improvement in her writing and obviously she feels she learned something from me.  I feel I also inspired her.

This is what makes my job worthwhile: the relationships I have with my students, who still drop by to visit me, smile & shake my hand warmly, telling me they miss our class and miss me.

Another student dropped by today, a lovely girl who worked extremely hard in level one.  She said, “Teacher I miss you so much!!” I asked how her current class was going and she said, “Bad, teacher, bad.”  I said, “Why??”  She said, “Teacher is always angry!!”  She shook her head.  “Angry, teacher, angry!”  (This comment is quite common to many students in Oman, describing teachers as angry, but maybe they just mean demanding.  I am very demanding too, so maybe they say this about me as well.)

My students are what, in the end, matter more than anything.  These kinds of written or spoken words from these girls are the greatest reward of my job.

“A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.” ~ Brad Henry