Monday, March 4:  I’m so slow at getting around to these things, but it’s about time I accept the kind nomination for The Shine On Award from the amazing restlessjo ~ roaming, at home and abroad.  She nominated me for the award in mid-February.  I have been a follower of Jo’s wonderful blog for a long time. I love to read about her adventures in England, Poland and in her beloved Portugal (the Eastern Algarve).  She, like me, has a restless nature and loves to travel and explore the world.  Jo’s brilliant and creative daughter Lisa got married recently, in a manor house, with her guests and herself all wearing period costumes.  The wedding and all the costumes were planned and designed by Lisa.   It’s been great fun to follow Jo’s life journey.

THE SHINE ON AWARD highlights bloggers who are shining stars in the vast array of available blogs.

Shine On Award

In accepting this award, I’m asked to share seven facts about myself.   So here they are, quite random:

1.  I was in a sorority (SPL) in high school in the early 1970s, and every summer we rented a house in Virginia Beach for a week.  During that week, we cruised up and down Atlantic Avenue mooning people out the car windows.  We also went streaking on the beach in the moonlight.

2. I have tried nearly every hobby under the sun, including quilting, jewelry-making, reading, running, hiking, interior design, curtain-making, photography, keeping a journal and writing poems, short stories and a novel, all unpublished.

3.  I spent a month in Cairo studying Arabic at Al Azhar University in the summer of 2007, plus I studied Arabic for two years in community college before that.  Despite that and having lived in Oman for 1 1/2 years, I can still only speak in fragments and have almost non-existent Arabic vocabulary!

4. When in Cairo, I went walking in the desert every Friday with the Cairo Hash House Harriers, “a drinking club with a running problem.”  There, I met a brain surgeon named Basim who I dated the whole time I was there.

5.  I used to fall in love too easily; now I don’t see the possibility of falling in love with anyone.

6. I love avocados and asparagus and lemon cake.

7. One time, in an architectural drafting class I was taking while working on a degree in Interior Design (one of many degrees I started but didn’t finish because I lost interest), I drafted plans for a 5,000 square foot mansion, complete with electrical, plumbing, windows, and walls drawn in exacting detail.  I even drew the kitchen cabinets.   I still have those blueprints and maybe it will be my dream house one day!!

Ok, well, those were quite random facts and I basically just wrote them as they popped into my mind.  Since who I am is always in flux, I don’t know if anything about me stays “a fact” for very long. 🙂

Here are the bloggers I nominate for the Shine On Award:

Lynn of BLUEBRIGHTLY, whose blog is “about photography or philosophy, birds or flowers, zen, maps, psychology, travel…”  I love her peaceful views of the world and her beautiful photography.

Rosie of Wondering Rose: Wonderings, Wanderings, and meetings at my Museum cash register, who says about herself: “I thought when I became a blogger that I’d be reading a few blogs, but I’m following a whole bunch of them, and there’s a genuine connection and a friendship between us which is something I never expected, especially as we’ve never met each other, and some of these bloggers live so far away that it’s tomorrow in their homes, while I’m still drinking my breakfast coffee today.”

Carol of The Eternal Traveller, “a wife and mother, a teacher, writer, quilt maker and a grower of roses” who has traveled to Oman and knows of the many places I write about in my blog.

Dallas of Crazy Train to Tinky Town, who shares my love of Turkey and always has the funniest stories to tell.  She describes herself as a thirty something, single woman who has packed her bags for what promises to be the adventure of a lifetime.

And finally, I have to nominate someone who I know is way out of my league and I’m sure too amazing to ever accept a blog award.  However, he is someone who is an inspiration to anyone who loves photography: Photojournalist Steve McCurry of Steve McCurry’s Blog.  He is, according to his website: “one of the most iconic voices in contemporary photography for more than 30 years, with scores of magazine and book covers, over a dozen books, and countless exhibitions around the world to his name.”   I adore his photography.  🙂

Thanks so much to Jo for nominating me for this award. 🙂