a hike around the hanging villages of wadi al ayn on jebel akhdar


  1. Inger Frederiksen said:

    Hi there, I really enjoyed your photos as it almost gave a feeling of beeing there oneself……
    What a landscape!
    Now I have a question for you. I have just been to Oman on a short roundtrip. I enjoyed it a lot, specially the Wadis and the mountains. I will be going back with a few friends for hiking coming December.
    (We are Norwegians). I want to go to the area of the Saiq Plateau, and have been reading that there is a good, easy hike from the village of Seeq to Al Aqr (4 km) should take about 2 hours.
    Have you done that, or can you advice a bit.????

    Thanks in advance.


    • Hi Inger, This picture was taken on that very hike you speak of. It’s a great hike from the town of Al Aqr to Al Ayn (the Village of the Roses) to another village, and yes, it is about 2 hours. I just did it this weekend, on Valentine’s Day, and several other times. Just do a search on my blog for Jebel Akhdar Al Ayn Al Aqr and you should find all my posts about it. Sadly, I will no longer be in Oman in December, otherwise I’d take you myself! There’s plenty of information about the hike: check out Rough Guide to Oman for more information and I’m sure the people at the Jebel Akhdar Hotel have maps. It’s not too strenuous and you will love it! Good luck!

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