Friday, January 4:  In the morning, I linger in bed a bit while Mike and the boys go outside to climb the dunes again.  They’re too late for sunrise, but they are able to enjoy the cool morning air and the beautiful glow that the low sun casts on the landscape.

At the top of the lower dune near the dining area, they find some snowboards which people are using to slide down the dunes.  They meet the Indian couple from last night and they all do a little dune-boarding.

After, they join me for breakfast, which is not very impressive: boiled eggs, pita bread, and baked beans.  I seem to remember much more extensive breakfasts in my previous visits, but maybe my mind is creating a fantasy that never existed.  After our leisurely morning drinking coffee and eating, we pack up the Terrain and head west, toward Sur and Wadi Shab.

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