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Saturday, December 22:  Today, I tendered my 6-month resignation to the University of Nizwa.  My last day of work here will be on Wednesday, June 26, 2013.

The reasons I am leaving are numerous.  Basically, the main reason is that I’m homesick.  I miss my family and friends and my home in America.  I want to be close to my children.  I want to work on my marriage, and I can’t do that living abroad.   I miss the work environment I had in the community college in Virginia.  I miss feeling connected to my people back home.

entrance to the University of Nizwa

entrance to the University of Nizwa

Finally, it is simply time to move on to a new phase in my life.  I have been thinking a lot about what I want to accomplish next.  I am thinking seriously, as I always do, about my resolutions for the New Year of 2013.  Thirteen has always been a lucky number for me, so I have high hopes for the new year.

Stay tuned for my post on New Year’s Day, where I will spell out in great detail, as I always do, my New Year’s resolutions. (Maybe too much detail for my readers!!)  I always take this process seriously.  As I remember someone saying once, you have to create the life you intend. Or something along those lines.  Nothing will happen unless I make it happen.  A little luck thrown in is always a good thing as well!

“Edward: You know what the difference is between a dream and a goal? he used to say to me. A plan.”  ― Jodi Picoult, Lone Wolf

I will miss a lot about Oman.  I love the country and I’ve explored many hidden places that even Omanis don’t take the time to explore.  I will continue to do this over the next 6 months.

I get a new vocabulary word in my email inbox every day from Dictionary.dom.  The word I received today is this:

decathect \dee-kuh-THEKT\, verb:  To withdraw one’s feelings of attachment from (a person, idea, or object), as in anticipation of a future loss.

This word applies to what I will have to do when I leave Oman and the amazing people I have met here.

I’ve learned a lot while I’ve been here.  I’ve learned something about who I am.  I’ve learned to enjoy my solitude.  I love the sense of adventure that has grown in me.  I’ve learned to be independent.  I’ve learned about the kind of people I like to seek out and spend time with.  I’ve learned what feels good about a work environment, and what doesn’t. I’ve learned more about what I am seeking.

When I leave Oman, I will write a final reflection piece about what I’ve learned about myself and about coping in a foreign land.  Until then, I hope you’ll continue to join me for the final leg of my journey in Oman.

“If you have a goal, write it down. If you do not write it down, you do not have a goal – you have a wish.”
Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

“There is always a gap between intention and action..”
Paulo Coelho