Saturday, December 22:  Today, I’m dreaming of winter and Bohemia, fairy-tale castles and an old town full of architecture ranging from Art Nouveau to Baroque to Renaissance to Cubist to Gothic to Neoclassical.  I’m dreaming of the epitome of culture: museums, theaters, galleries and cinemas.  I’m dreaming of walking through colorful streets wrapped up in a warm coat and fur-lined boots, ducking into cafes for hot coffee or Czech beer.  I dream of eating heart-warming foods like Czech goulash and pork with dumplings (!!!) and sauerkraut.  Mmmm….

For some reason, Prague has captured my imagination.  As I haven’t experienced a winter wonderland since I was in South Korea in winter of 2010, I am yearning for the cold.  Here is the city I am dreaming of this Saturday evening in the unchangeable climate of Oman.

I would love to hear about your daydreams this Saturday.  Where would you like to go now?  What if money were no object and you could just be whisked away to any place on earth?

If you’d like to join my Daydream Saturday, I invite you, challenge you even, to put a link to your own daydream in my comment section below.

I was trying to daydream, but my mind kept wandering. ~ Steven Wright