Saturday, December 1:  Ailsa of Where’s my backpack? has challenged us to come up with photos for HOT.

I have lived in Oman for the last year and 2 months and I have never experienced heat like I’ve experienced here, except during a month I spent in Egypt in July 2007.  In both places, temperatures regularly reach 40-45 degrees Celsius (104 – 113 Fahrenheit) in the summer.  When you breathe, sometimes you feel that your windpipe and lungs are turning to chafing hot sand. They literally burn.

If you want to see more images of hot, look through ALL the pictures in my entire blog.  It is hot here year round.  In the winter, the mornings and evenings are cool, but during the day, it always gets hot.  Only on Jebel Akhdar, or swimming in a wadi or the sea, is a person able to cool off.

Here are some images for HOT.  Some of the images come from India, Ethiopia and Jordan. Click on any of them for a full-sized slide show.