1. Looks almost magical! It’s amazing how much you seem to travel, I envy you.

  2. stunning shot

  3. Just having a wander through your previous years’ travels Cathy. You have been to many, many places over the last few years. I have seen photos of this place by my eldest son who works for Etihad airways and spends a lot of time in Abu Dhabi. He also visited Oman recently and I was very impressed by his photos there too. Having browsed through your images I think I have to try and work in a visit to this part of the world. You appear to have been very happy here.

    This is a lovely composition.

    • Nice of you to drop in on my “old” travels, Jude. I have been lucky to be able to travel so much in the last several years. I may as well do it as long as I have my health and the energy and means to do so. As far as Oman, I do miss it terribly as I had some wonderful friends there and my own car and the ability to travel easily throughout that fascinating country. I really do think about going back there someday. I think you would love it in that part of the world; just be prepared for the heat, the main drawback.

      I’m glad you like my picture of the Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al-Nahyan Mosque. I’ve seen some phenomenal photos of this place; I wish I had gone there at sunrise or sunset. 🙂 xxx

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