Thursday, November 29: This afternoon, my friend Tony and I go for a walk through Misfat Al Abriyyen.  This small village bursting with gardens, about a 40-minute drive from Nizwa, is a lovely place to walk and get my greenery fix.  The falaj is dry today, as is the reservoir of water used to irrigate all the gardens.  Banana trees, date palms, green banana bunches, emerald-green grass, beautiful sweeping views over the valley and village of al Hamra ~ these are a few of the things we encounter in this place.  Signs translated using an internet translation program, always funny and indecipherable, welcome us to the village.  Houses that should be ruins are fully inhabited behind colorful, but tightly closed, metal doors with peeling paint.   Yakoob Al-Abri and his uncle treat us to tea and dates on the patio of the Misfat Al-Abryeen Guest House.  As we are leaving, we encounter three elderly Omani villagers, who, when I ask if I can take their picture, answer, with a twinkle in their eyes, “maybe.”

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