Thursday, November 22:  After our two long hikes, we arrive at the Sahab Hotel way too early for the 6:30 buffet.  We have brought our own bottle of wine, which this wonderful hotel allows any of its patrons to do.  We sit outside near the infinity pool and have a few glasses.  Mario and I have found a favorite wine that we always seem to gravitate to: Atrium Torres Merlot.  The bottle describes it as such: “Since 1989, to open a bottle of Atrium is to enjoy a symphony of aromas.  The notes of ripe cherry and raspberry jam form a vibrant chord with the sweet tannins, thus composing a magical score.”

Indeed, we enjoy a delightful symphony of aromas, along with stunning views over Jebel Akhdar as the sun sets in a blanket of coral and purple-tinged clouds.

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The only drawback tonight is that it’s downright cold!  Mario and Mohammed each have a heavy sweater on.  I’m wearing a lightweight fleece jacket, over which I’m wearing another lightweight corduroy jacket.  Too lights don’t make a heavy tonight, however, and I’m shivering while I sip.  At 6:30, we move up close to the hotel and grab a table beside a fire burning in a kind of cauldron on legs.  Here it is only slightly warmer.

The buffet is 8 rials each and includes tuna or beef or chicken skewers; they cook our choices for us on a grill.  There is also vegetable cream soup, steamed vegetables, hummus and bread, coleslaw and salad.  For dessert: fresh fruit and chocolate cake.

A perfect ending to a perfect day.