Friday, October 12: The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is BIG. It’s larger than life, it’s unexpected, it’s the protagonist in a scene. It’s big. It often helps to have some normal object as part of the scene so people can understand the scale.

Share a picture which means BIG to you!

my son Alex in Seoul, South Korea with a BIG mushroom

the Jebiwon Buddha in Andong, South Korea

Gwanchok-sa temple in Nonsan has Korea’s largest free-standing stone Buddha image, Unjin Mireuk Buddha. The Buddha dominates the temple compound and looks out serenely at us. The statue is from the early Goryeo Dynasty and supposedly took 38 years to complete.

And finally, some BIG boulders at Wadi Tanuf in Oman.

Alex in front and Adam in back in the BIG boulder-strewn Wadi Tanuf