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Sunday, October 7: Often, people who are considering coming to work at the University of Nizwa write to me through my blog to ask various questions about life at the university.  One question people ask me is what people wear to work.  In order to avoid having to answer these questions on an individual basis, I decided to write a post about how teachers dress.

Long skirt, long-sleeve shirt and shayla (headscarf)

Short-sleeve blouse and skirt below the knee

button down shirt and long khaki pants

Saudi dress? I’m not sure here….

For the women, the general rule is that women should be modest, cover their shoulders and wear pants or skirts that fall below the knee.  Some of the women teachers are Muslim and cover their hair.  Others are not, and they do not cover.   Some women are Muslim and don’t cover.  It is an individual choice.  It is not required.

Short sleeve long top with long pants

A variety of dress. Left to right: button down shirt and long pants; Omani dishdasha and mussar; short sleeve collared knit shirt and long pants, long skirt and 3/4 sleeve blouse with scarf.

1) Me with long skirt, 3/4 length sleeves and scarf; 2) nice jeans and polo shirt; 3) long balloon pants and long tunic

long-sleeve button-down shirt, long khaki pants, and cap

The men generally wear collared shirts, or long tunics, or dishdashas if they are Omani.  Some men even go so far as to wear ties.  Shorts, frayed jeans or sloppy T-shirts are generally not acceptable.

women teachers at the university, with long skirts, scarves, long or mid-sleeve tops

short sleeve button-down shirt and long pants

a long sleeve shirt, tie, and long khaki pants

long tunic and long pants

This is just a sampling of different teachers and what they wear, as I cannot put pictures of every single teacher on my blog.  Teachers generally keep the heat in mind when they dress, sticking to lightweight cotton fabrics.  Many people wear sandals year round here, although many people wear close-toed shoes as well.

Indian cotton top with colorful scarf and long pants

long sleeve cardigan and blouse, long pants and headscarf

polo shirt and long khaki pants

long Indian tunic and long loose-fitting pants, cardigan over blouse and capri-length pants, and polo shirt with long pants