Wednesday, September 26:  The weekend ahead promises to be a good one.  Kathy, Anna and I pack a bunch of camping gear and food and head to Muscat this evening. We are on the first leg of a road trip to see the Red Bull Diving Competition at Wadi Shab, which has been advertised quite heavily here in Oman.  We have plans to get up early and meet a group of people from InterNations to head to Wadi Shab in a caravan at 7 a.m. tomorrow morning.

entering La Mer Seafood Restaurant

La Mer Restaurant dining area

When we arrive in Muscat, we have a lovely dinner at La Mer Seafood Restaurant at Shatti Al Qurum. Before sitting in the dining room, we walk up to the rooftop, most of which is enclosed with heavy plastic and air-conditioned.  We walk outside through the plastic panels where we can see the Crowne Plaza at one end of the beach and cars driving by along the beach.  On the back side of La Mer, we can see the Royal Opera House all lit up.  It’s quite beautiful.  But we opt to sit indoors because it’s too hot and humid even at night to sit outdoors.

cars in motion along Shatti al Qurum with the Crowne Plaza at the far end

Royal Opera House Muscat

inside plastic panels at the rooftop bar

beautiful lantern

I have never been to La Mer before, so I’m happy to sample this restaurant.  I order a fish labeled “kofer,” fresh off the ice.  We can have the fish prepared any way we like, so I order it grilled and filleted.  Anna orders the same fish prepared as a Turkish grill, and Kathy orders the Escalope de Poulet ~ chicken breast  rolled with thyme and sun-dried tomatoes, served with garlic spinach, mashed potato and thyme sauce.

scampi and prawns on ice

kofer on ice

giant fish

They bring us warm bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar dipping sauce, but we add plenty of butter first.  Then we dip.  We order fruit drinks, Anna a pink watermelon and me an “Azart” ~ pomegranate and orange. Kathy’s Pepsi takes longer to get to her than our specially prepared fruit drinks.

pomegranate and orange juice mocktail

Kathy and Anna

Kathy and me

Our meals are delicious, but my meal doesn’t seem to be enough.  I am quite hungry.  I keep wanting to sample Kathy’s mashed potatoes, and then her garlic spinach, then pieces of her chicken wrapped around the sun-dried tomatoes with that delicious thyme sauce.  I think I know what I will order next time!

my grilled kofer

Kathy’s yummy chicken meal…I ate about 1/3 of it… 🙂

After dinner, we head to Anna’s Muscat apartment, where we try to get a good night’s sleep for an early morning tomorrow.  More to follow on our road trip….