I love this article about traveling solo by Twenty-something Travel: http://twenty-somethingtravel.com/

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I don’t often (never) reblog another blogger’s post but recently I came across this post: ‘Solo female travel – Nine myths and one truth’, by Stephanie Yoder, a girl who can’t sit still. She’s a traveller, a writer and blogger at Twenty-Something Travel, a website about travel for young people.  Please read and enjoy!

So you have this great trip planned out, to a place you’ve really been longing to see, but you can’t seem to convince anyone to come with you. What’s a girl to do? Wait? I don’t believe in waiting around for other people to make your travel dreams come true. I’ve travelled solo through a slew of countries from China to Cambodia and Scotland to Slovenia and it’s been both fun and enlightening. Along the way I’ve heard every misconception about solo female travellers you can imagine, so I’m here to set the record…

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