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Saturday, September 15:  Today is Six Word Saturday, and here are my six words:


I didn’t open my university email even one time in the six weeks I was on vacation for this very reason.  I didn’t want to be upset by anything that had to do with work.  No one wants to find out while they are on vacation that they’ve been sacked, that their house has burned down, that they’ve been demoted, or WHATEVER!!  I didn’t want my peace of mind ruined, or even threatened, during my time of relaxation and leisure.

my new office

I found upon my return that the office I shared with two other people (it was bad enough we didn’t have our own private offices!) has now been confiscated by the university administration (for what use I’m not clear).  I was told upon my return to pack up my stuff and move to a newer building across the campus with a lot of other Foundation Institute teachers into a bullpen area full of cubicles.  It’s not that bad really, but the worst thing is that I’m separated from my closest friends all the way across the campus.

my special new desk

Welcome back to the real world.