Friday, September 14:  Hello everyone! I returned early this morning from Greece and have spent my first day home unpacking, doing laundry, tallying my finances from my trip (ouch!) and straightening my house.  I have to return to work tomorrow… 😦  I’m so sorry I have been neglecting all the blogs I follow, as well as my own blog, and I will get to them in time!  Please be patient; I haven’t deserted you…

one of many beautiful scenes from Santorini

It will take me some time to post all my pictures and stories from Greece.  You can follow them if you like on greek wanderings.  Once I write a post, I will reblog it on here. I’m trying to keep each post short and sweet.  I hope you’ll enjoy living vicariously through my photos and musings.  I am still in the Greek frame of mind this evening, sipping a glass of wine and dreaming of the impossibly blue Mediterranean, the whitewashed villages along the caldera of Santorini, the charming villages and beaches of Crete, and the ancient world of Athens, Thira, Delphi and Mycenae.  And the food, the glorious food… 🙂  (Of which about 5 pounds has attached to my body…)

a little tavern in the neighborhood of Plaka near my hotel in Athens

As soon as I can get back into the swing of things, I’ll continue exploring Oman on weekends.  I have missed my blogging world, but now I’m back and look forward to sharing with anyone who is interested.

Stay tuned!  And don’t get impatient…. 🙂  Remember, I’m back to the slowest internet in the world.  I’m going to lose patience myself, I know!