I love the Meteora monasteries in Greece!

greek wanderings

Tuesday, September 11:  Today, we visit the Meteora monasteries.  The tour is sadly very limited, and today is the day I most regret being on a tour. If I had driven on my own, I would have visited more of the monasteries and stopped for many more photos.  However, being stuck on a bus and limited by a timetable, I feel like I only see a small sliver of what there is to see in Meteora.

Though the tour is two days long, we spent all day yesterday driving to Delphi, visiting the archeological site briefly, then driving to Meteora.  This morning, we get an early start after a decent buffet breakfast, but we head straightaway to an icon factory, where we are given a demonstration on how icons are made, and then we’re left to browse in the large icon and souvenir shop.  Though I admittedly…

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