back to Athens after leaving the islands…

greek wanderings

Saturday, September 9:  After checking back in to the Acropolis View Hotel, I venture again out into the heat of Athens to explore the rest of the historical route.  After having an iced coffee at an appealing little cafe along the road,  I go by metro to Syntagma Square, where I see the funny guards at the Parliament.

Greece’s Parliament was built between 1836 and 1842, after being designed by a Bavarian architect.  Originally it was the royal palace, and from its balcony the constitution (syntagma) was declared on September 3, 1843.  In 1935 the palace became the seat of the Greek parliament.  When the monarchy was abolished in 1974, the royal family moved to a new palace, renamed the presidential palace.

The war memorial, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, sits in front of the Parliament, and is guarded by the city’s presidential guards…

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