A long and lurching ferry ride in angry seas!

greek wanderings

Saturday, September 8:  I reluctantly head to the new port in Santorini, where I turn in my rental car and climb the ramp of this ferry, thinking it is the SuperJet Sea Jets ferry to Piraeus.  However, I’m turned away on the ramp when I show my ticket.  I’m told to join the hordes of people lined up inside a l0w-slung building at the opposite end of the port. This ferry, shown in the picture below, is similar to the one I took from Crete to Santorini.  It is apparently the SLOW ferry.  I’m to take the FAST ferry tonight.   FAST being 5 hours from Santorini to Piraeus.

At about 6:30 p.m., the SuperJets ferry comes speeding into the dock like Superman on steroids. Within moments of its arrival, hundreds of us are lined up and boarding, tossing our suitcases into the hold and taking our seats. It has…

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