Last sunset in Santorini…

greek wanderings

Friday, September 7:  After relaxing by the pool at Villa Galinia, and exploring a bit of Akrotírion, I head into Fira for my last sunset view.  So far I have seen the sunset from Akrotírion and Oia;  tonight, my last night in Santorini,  I will see it from Fira.

I eat at Stani Tavern with its “sunset & volcano view.” I’m actually a little disappointed with this view, because I get here late and so am seated behind a bunch of couples.  The restaurant is small, and it’s difficult to get a uninterrupted view without intruding on these other diners.  Also, because this evening the wind has whipped up quite a bit, the restaurant has pulled a plastic cover over one side of the outdoor patio.  This also hinders the view.

It’s still a pleasant atmosphere, even though I don’t get many good pictures.  I do get to peruse…

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