Volcanoes on Santorini….

greek wanderings

Friday, September 7:  Today I take a traditional boat to visit the two active volcanoes at Santorini.  Before that though, I head to Fira, where I finally, 8 days into my trip, buy a SIM card for my phone.  This will make things easier here, say, when I get lost or when I need to arrange tours or transportation or accommodation.  Finally, I feel like I’m a local!  I also buy a new camera card, because I’m so worried something will happen to my camera and I will lose all my pictures.  I have decided I will divide my pictures between 2 cards.  If I lose my camera, or drop it by accident into the sea, then at least I’ll have half of my pictures.  You can see what a worrier I am sometimes.   I also stopped in my favorite internet cafe in Fira to reserve a room…

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