a red beach in Santorini.

greek wanderings

Thursday, September 6:  The only beach I visit in Santorini is Red Beach, near Ancient Akrotiri, with its high red cliffs.  I’m actually not much in a beach mood here; for some reason I’m most interested in just admiring the landscape and the whitewashed villages.  But while here, I figure I should check out some of the beaches on the east and south coasts of Santorini.

Red Beach looks interesting enough, but for some reason doesn’t entice me for a swim.  I climb around a promontory over a rocky path and check it out.  Then I leave.  Would you be enticed to go swimming at this beach?

After checking this out, I return to Villa Galinia to have a beer on the deck, take a shower, and then head back to Oia for its spectacular sunset.

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