A day in Fira {Santorini}

greek wanderings

Thursday, September 6:  Today I head to the stunning village of Fira, the capital of the island of Santorini, as well as its most central and important village.  It is also the most crowded village on the island, brimming with tourists of every nationality.

On my way to Fira, I stop at a travel agent I pass along the way, where I book a tour for tomorrow morning to see the volcano.  I also book the speed ferry (5 hours) going back to Athens for the early evening of Saturday, September 8.  The travel agent tries to convince me to take the slow ferry, warning:  “It’s not good to take the fast boat because of the weather.”  I look around and see nothing but sunshine, warmth and blue skies; I can’t imagine what might be the problem.  I stick with my fast ferry decision.

Fira is perched on the…

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