a sleepy afternoon in Oia…

greek wanderings

Wednesday, September 5:   I spend the rest of the afternoon in Oia wandering around, popping in and out of shops, taking pictures, and trying to keep myself awake so I can make it till sunset.  It’s 4:00 in the afternoon, still 3 hours to wait.  The sun is beating down on me and I am fading fast.  If my hotel was in Oia, I could go take a nap and then come back out, but if I give up now, I will have to drive all the way back to the south of the island and I’ll miss Oia’s famous sunset.

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I stop in at a little internet cafe, just so I can sit for a bit.  The young exuberant Greek shopkeeper, when he finds out I’m American, tells me he is going to America to work.  Feeling…

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