“unique sunset view” near akrotírion

greek wanderings

Wednesday, September 5: After deciding I don’t have the energy to stay in Oia for sunset, I drive south on the island and go back to Villa Galinia, where I take a short nap.  I  shower because I’m all hot and sweaty, and then I head up the island again to look for a good sunset view near my hotel in the south.

I come across a place called “Unique Sunset View.”  This is a place set up expressly for the purpose of viewing the sunset.  All the chairs face out toward the sea.  I happen to sit beside a British couple from Northampton, southeast of London, who are at the end of their week-long holiday.  They tell me about some of the things they have done here in Santorini;  one of them is taking a traditional boat tour to the volcano.  They say I should do that.  They also…

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