Heading to Santorini… 🙂

greek wanderings

Wednesday, September 5:   I wake up at 5 a.m. to get ready and leave Barbara Studios by 5:45.  I roll my suitcase for 15 minutes in darkness along uneven sidewalks interspersed with patches of cobblestones.  I reach my car beneath Rethymno Fort and begin my drive in the darkness to Heraklion.

As I’m driving, I see the most beautiful sunrise in front of me in the eastern sky over the Sea of Crete.  I keep pulling off the highway to take pictures.  A couple of times I fear for my life as big trucks pass me by, blaring their horns.  Maybe I am taking too many risks in my choice of parking spots on the shoulder of a big highway.  But, I do get some lovely sunrise shots!

I have arranged with the rental car company to drop my car at the port, rather than the airport.  I was…

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