A fond farewell to Crete….

greek wanderings

Tuesday, September 4:  I return to Rethymno for my last evening in Crete. 😦  After having a Mythos beer at Cafe Galano, soaking up the atmosphere and watching the stylish Europeans stroll past, I use the internet upstairs.  I return to Barbara Studios to take a shower and a little nap, and then head back into the streets again to wander and have some dinner.

I pass a cute little church with some Orthodox priests talking outside.  I take a picture of the church but I feel taking a picture of the priests is an intrusion, so I don’t.

I am walking around when suddenly a group of people carrying a big banner and shouting things marches down the middle of the street.  Their banner says something about Neo-Nazis;  the word “STOP” is also on the banner, so I assume they are protesting AGAINST Neo-Nazis. But I could be wrong. …

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