back to rethymno and musings over mousaka…

greek wanderings

Monday, September 3:   I drive back to Rethymno from Hania and on the way in, I pass by an adorable little church right along the sea.

Across the street I find some colorful graffiti on a wall.  Obviously the street artists are not confined to Athens.

After stopping at this place to take some photos, I park my car again by the Fort and meander back through the town.

I head directly to Cafe Galero, where I order my first Mythos beer in Greece.  Cafe Galero is a huge cafe in the center of the old town of Rethymno.  Large groups seem to congregate here.  The cafe also has an internet cafe upstairs, which I use after I relax and enjoy people-watching.  I catch up on my emails and Facebook.

After this little respite, I head back to Barbara Studios to take a shower and lie down a…

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