an afternoon trip to Hania, Crete

greek wanderings

Monday, September 3:  After lunch in Rethymno, I drive west 60km (about 50 minutes) to Hania (also spelled Chania).  Panos at Barbara Studios was raving about it this morning and suggested I should go see the town while in Crete.  Of course, since I only have 2 days here, I figure I may as well go today, so I can explore other parts of the island tomorrow.

I love driving my zippy little rental car, and I cruise along with the windows open.  More rolling hills and the happy blue Mediterranean lie to my right as I drive westward.  I find what I think is the old Venetian quarter and nab a parking spot right on the coastal road along the Sea of Crete.  I don’t have any particular sights to see here; I figure I will just wander and see whatever there is to see.

I walk along…

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