my morning at Rethymno Fortezza…

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Monday, September 3:  After walking along the Mediterranean, where I see a lone fisherman standing on a rock and an older lady swimming off another set of rocks, I climb the steep hill to Rethymno Fortress.

The Fortezza is the 16th century Venetian fortress, almost in the center of the old town. The giant Fortezza is visible from every corner of the town and offers panoramic views of Rethymno and the coast to the west, according to Explore Crete.

Rethymno became a city because the Venetians, who were a marine power, created it as an intermediate station between Heraklion and Hania.  At that time, the city needed protection from the Turks, so they organized Crete’s military and built a fort. The foundation stone was laid on 8 April 1540 but the walls were only completed just before 1570.

These walls were not strong enough to withstand an attack…

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