Strolling along the slopes of the Acropolis….

greek wanderings

Saturday, September 1:   I descend from the Acropolis and make my way along the circular path called the Peripatos that goes around its slopes and intersects the Panathenaic Way at the western approach.  These slopes were home to many sanctuaries that played important roles in the religious lives of the ancient Athenians.   It’s likely that most of the north slope was part of the sacred area at the foot of the Acropolis known as the Palargikon.

At this point in the day, it’s starting to get hot, and my clothes are starting to get quite soggy and smelly.  I have checked my phone all through the morning for word from Egypt Air, but not a soul has called.  I feel a little bedraggled and even a little defeated.

I head first to the north slope, which holds the more simple shrines, the ones that are sometimes called “rustic.” …

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