My first Greek food in Athens… 🙂

greek wanderings

Friday, August31:  After enjoying my wine on the terrace of the Acropolis View Hotel, I wander a few blocks down the street to a place recommended by the hotel: The Acropolis Restaurant.  I go inside on the first floor and find I am the only patron in the restaurant.   I have heard the Greeks usually eat quite late, but as an American, I’m used to eating at an early hour.  It’s about 8:00.  For me that’s late, and I’m tired from my busy day of travel and my luggage debacle.

I have no idea what to sample, but I have two weeks ahead and should have ample time to try a wide variety of Greek foods.  I order another glass of wine and then order something called mussels saganaki, which is listed under “starters.”  I have no idea what I will get, as I’ve…

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