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Saturday: July 28:  Today is Six Word Saturday, and here are mine:


This summer, I have been the coordinator for what is called our Post-Foundation program at the University of Nizwa. These are students who have somehow completed the Foundation Program and are now still taking English courses because their TOEFL score isn’t high enough to start studying in their majors.  My coordinator position was just a summer position, and luckily I can just go back to teaching in the fall.  The only class I did teach this summer was Listening, focused mainly on academic listening and note-taking (including mind maps and linear note-taking).  Having taught the highest level of Speaking and Listening last summer at Northern Virginia Community College, I found this course was an exercise in futility.  My students are at a very basic level, and the lectures were about franchises, solving the traffic dilemma in London, macro- and micro-economics and Gestalt theory.  The curriculum level is simply not matching the abilities of our students.

Anyway, today was the final exam for listening.  This afternoon, our team, and other teachers who were hijacked for the job, began the double marking.  Tomorrow, we have the Grammar Final and on Monday the Reading Final.  We have to double mark nearly 500 exams.  All this by Tuesday afternoon, so as coordinator, I can check over everything for our group before submitting it to the administration on Wednesday.  Thursday morning at 5:40 a.m., I will be on the plane for Washington.  I am so ready for my 6-week break.  One month in Northern Virginia and two weeks in Greece!

As the Arabs say: Al Hamdullilah!