Monday, July 23:  Today is Oman’s 42nd Renaissance Day, the celebration of the first day that Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said came to power.

Qaboos acceded to the throne on 23 July 1970 after deposing his father in a palace coup with the aim of ending the country’s isolation and using its oil revenue for modernization and development, according to Wikipedia.  After moving to Muscat, he declared that the country would no longer be known as Muscat and Oman; he changed its name to “the Sultanate of Oman” in order to better reflect its political unity.

Many streets in Oman are named “23 July Street” in honor of this auspicious day!

According to today’s Oman Daily Observer: Sultanate Marks Renaissance Day Today:  “The Renaissance ushered in a new era of development at all levels, including domestic growth and the establishment of relations of friendship with other countries of the world.  Despite the tough challenges usually associated with the launch of this new era back in 1970, His Majesty the Sultan’s far-sighted vision identified priorities for the nation-building process, which encompassed all domains and all parts of the country in a balanced manner, but without compromising the values and traditions of the society.”

For myself, I was happy to have a day off from work for this happy holiday!  I didn’t do much of anything special; I went to the gym to exercise, cooled off briefly at the Falaj Daris pool, came home and ate lunch, read my latest book about Greece called Cafe Tempest, napped, and watched a movie called Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, about how the 9/11 attacks affected one little boy and his family in New York City.  I also started lackadaisically packing one bag with stuff for my holiday in 10 MORE DAYS back to the USA and another bag for my vacation to Greece on August 31!!

Not a very exciting day, but I’m always plenty happy to have a day off from work… 🙂

However, it’s back to work tomorrow; sadly, a short-lived holiday.