Sunday, July 22:  Jakesprinter’s Sunday Post this week is collectibles.  He writes:  Collectibles and collecting: groups of items of a similar type that are acquired and saved as a hobby. Millions of people all over the world enjoy the activity of collecting. Just about anything can be a collectible, from children’s toys to car hubcaps to matchbooks. Some collectibles can sell for a few dollars at a yard sale, others for thousands of dollars in specialty stores or at auctions. Although there are many recognized areas of collecting that have their own publications and organized groups of collectors, the world of collectibles is ultimately limited only by the imagination and desire of the collector.

Here are some collectibles in Oman: incense burners.

incense burners at Muttrah Souq

colorful incense burners at nizwa souq

pottery incense burners at nizwa souq

more incense burners in nizwa

turret-shaped incense burners in nizwa