Thursday, July 19:  Today I spend the day at the Crowne Plaza hotel pool in yet another attempt to keep cool in temperatures regularly hovering at 44C degrees (113 Fahrenheit).  You can see the heat in the air in these photos….

the Crowne Plaza Muscat pool

The description on the hotel’s webpage is as follows: “The dazzling white Crowne Plaza Muscat is in an exclusive cliff-top residential area overlooking the Gulf of Oman, with terrace and pool and its own private beach. The setting is in 10 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens in Muscat’s fashionable Qurum Heights area. Our gardens are brimming with Bougainvillea, date palms and colorful parrots.  In July & August there may be some noise disruption whilst we upgrade our hotel. We will do our utmost to ensure this is minimal.”

the private beach at the Crowne Plaza

From the viewpoint at Qurum Beach looking up, the hotel resembles a giant cruise ship!  I would also have to argue with the description as “dazzling white” as the hotel is looking a little the worse for wear and is not so dazzlingly white!!

from the grassy area up toward the hotel and pool

another angle of the pool

the view out to the Gulf of Oman

The pool today seems to be inundated with the Dutch!!  I overhear a group of girls chatting about their lives in Amsterdam with some English-speaking dude.  And another pair talking about their travels through the world.  But mostly they are speaking in Dutch and I don’t understand a word they are staying.

cool refreshing water!!

However, I do agree that there is definitely a lot of NOISE going on with the construction.  So not very relaxing really!!


But, nonetheless, every dip into the pool feels like heaven.