Saturday, July 14:  Today is Six Word Saturday and this about sums up my week:


It’s said that bad things come in threes and I think this is true for me this week.

#1.  On Sunday, July 8, I was driving home from work when suddenly all the lights on my dashboard lit up and the accelerator didn’t respond to my foot on the pedal.  In fact, my so-far trustworthy GMC Terrain had cut off and I maneuvered it to the side of the road, where it’s death became absolute.  No amount of starting and turning over the engine would get it to catch and go!  I was stranded.  Luckily I was in the middle of Firq and not on the long Muscat-Nizwa highway at some ungodly hour.  After calling some colleagues at work who immediately set out to come rescue me, I had the idea of calling my GMC service man, Mohammed from Bangalore, in Karsha.  He happened to pick up his phone, highly unusual at 3 pm, when most businesses are closed for their afternoon naps, and he zipped right over to where I was stranded in the extreme heat along the side of a busy road.  He called a tow truck who was there in minutes.  I called my colleagues at work and told them to turn back; I was saved.  I am so thankful to Mohammed for this successful rescue attempt.

what good is a car without fuel?

The next day, Mohammed informed me that my fuel pump was broken and I would need to replace it for 155 rials.  That’s $403 USD!! This is NOT money I wanted to spend at all, but especially not right before my 6 week vacation that is fast approaching!! There is never a good time for these things, is there?

So, first NO FUEL, because my fuel pump failed to do its job of pumping the fuel in my tank to my engine.

#2: I went to prepare my roasted vegetable dish for Kathy’s birthday party on Wednesday, July 11, and when I went to light my oven, I found I was out of gas.  No cooking that huge package of vegetables I spent 45+ minutes chopping.  I had to rush them to Kathy’s to cook them in her oven, but as she didn’t know how to operate it, I used Antonio’s oven, waking him up from a deep afternoon slumber.  I’m still waiting for the gas man, Salem, to arrive at my flat to replace my gas canister at this moment.  He originally told me 5:00, insha’allah, but when I called him, he revised to 6:30 insha’allah.  It remains to be seen whether he will come tonight.

And what good is a stove without gas? (Sorry, it’s kinda dirty now b/c it’s due for cleaning tomorrow….)

empty gas canisters

#3. This morning, July 14, my shower had very low water pressure.  In fact it was little more than a trickle.  As I shampooed and soaped myself, I realized with alarm that the stream of water was dwindling.  I hurried and rinsed all the soapy stuff off, only to find the faucet dried up before I got off all the soap. I resorted to a towel rub down.

what good is a shower without water?

Later this afternoon, the university housing guy, Ismail, informed me he could find nothing wrong with my water except possibly some kids turned off the valve on the street.  He turned it back on and watched my water tank fill up. What I have never understood is why on earth the main water valves are on the street, where anyone can mess with them.  And mess with me!!

why would these main water valves be placed on the street where anyone can mess with them????

When I came home, I ran to the gym, worked out, and came back home to find my shower is now working.  Al Hamdullilah…. 🙂

I hope that is all for now…. Isn’t three enough?