Thursday, July 12:  Thursday evening I see a Hindi movie called Cocktail at City Cinema Shatti.  Luckily it has English subtitles and it’s adorable.  I love Bollywood movies and this one doesn’t disappoint if you like romance and Bollywood showmanship and music all rolled up into one.

This Bollywood romantic comedy, Cocktail, just released in July of 2012, stars Saif Ali Khan as Gautam Kapoor, Diana Penty as Meera Gupta, and Deepika Padukone as Veronice D’Costa.

In the movie, Meera arrives in London expecting her “husband” to meet her at the airport and take her home.  In fact, this husband Kunal has duped Veronica of her life savings under the pretense of setting up a home for them in London.  While crying in a seedy bathroom, Meera meets Veronica, a wild party girl, who recognizes Meera as a lost Indian who has newly arrived in the city. She offers to put up Meera at her flat until she can get properly situated and, having nowhere else to turn, Meera takes her up on her offer.

Meera is introverted and awkward, while Veronica is wild and impulsive.  Despite being polar opposites, they soon forge a fast friendship.

Enter Gautam, 32, who is a hopeless flirt and begins a romance with sexy Veronica.  He moves in to Veronica’s flat and though Meera hates him at first, they all three soon become close friends.  Veronica and Gautam are enjoying their fling, but neither of them want it to become anything serious.  When Gautam’s mother arrives unexpectedly from India, Gautam pretends that Meera is the girl he has chosen to marry, because she is the kind of girl every Indian mother wants for her son.  They all go on a vacation to Cape Town, where, surprise, surprise, Gautam and Meera actually fall in love.

All kinds of complications ensue, in typical Bollywood fashion, and the story is fun and convoluted.  I won’t spoil the ending for people who want to see it.  But suffice it to say, I enjoyed the film, in a theater packed with Omanis, Indians and expats.  The movie has something for everyone!