Sunday, July 1:  Jakesprinter’s Sunday Post for this week is valuable.  He writes: Precious, expensive, costly, priceless, important, dear, having considerable monetary worth, costing or bringing a high price like a valuable painting or a valuable crop; having qualities worthy of respect, admiration, or esteem: a valuable friend. A considerable use, service, or importance: valuable information. These are a few words to define valuable.

When I think of valuable, the first thing that comes to mind are my children and life experiences.  Putting the two of these together, I think the most valuable thing for me this year was when both of my sons came to Oman to visit me in January for over 3 weeks.  That experience was a valuable one for them in that it showed them how it is to live in another culture.  It showed them how their mother is living a daily existence in this foreign world. It enabled them to see and understand my life here in Oman. And it was a valuable experience of sharing my life with my children.  I have lots of pictures from our time together here in Oman, but this one I find particularly endearing.

Alex and Adam dressing the part at Mutrah Souq