Monday, June 25:  Here are Cee’s life questions for this week.

What sound or sounds do you love?

I love the sounds of a breeze rustling through leaves, birds warbling, wind chimes, music of all kinds including rock, Arabic, French, light opera, and classical; I love the sound of waves washing up on shore and the rush of a running stream.

a running brook in South Korea

If you could be a tree or plant, what would you be?

I think I would be an ornamental maple tree because I love the shape of the leaves and the oranges, reds and golds of autumn maples.  I also love Japanese maples, which are often used in the art of bonsai.

maple trees in Jeongju, South Korea

What is your favorite recipe that was passed down from your mother or grandmother?  Have you mastered it as well as the original?

I don’t think I have any recipes handed down from either my grandmother or my mother.  I don’t like to bake at all, except to make apple or other fruit cobblers (as long as a rolling-pin is not involved!), and I always cook meals from recipes I find in contemporary magazines and cookbooks.

What is your favorite genre for novels, and why?

I love literary fiction, meaning novels that are character- rather than plot-driven. I’m most interested in stories with lyrical writing styles that examine all aspects of the human condition. I’m most entranced by the characters and their situations, and find the plots usually unique and quirky. Literary fiction often deals with controversial issues which are interwoven with the plot.

I love the real life and the honesty in literary fiction; these books make me feel that I’m not all alone in the world, that I have a connection with other people, that I’m not so different.  I guess I’m showing my background as an English major… 🙂

Some of my favorite novels are A Town Like Alice, Girl with a Pearl Earring, The Hours, Love in the Time of Cholera, Crescent, The White Woman on the Green Bicycle, Pride & Prejudice, A Farewell to Arms, Father Melancholy’s Daughter, Sister of My Heart, The Fountainhead.  That’s only to name a few.

I also love travel/spiritual quest books, The Art of Travel & Eat, Pray, Love being my favorites.  However, these are not considered novels.