Tuesday, June 12: This week’s topic for FrizzText’s A-Z ARCHIVE Tuesday photo challenge: the letter “X”: introduce one photo of your own archive with an “X” keyword for example Xmas or Xe Kongh River – Xholsa Ceremony – Xmas Tree – Xóchitl – Xrated – Xray etc.

My first photo is a big “X” I found on a rock at Wadi Damm.  Oman’s rocky landscape is considered a geologist’s heaven because all the rock formations and various striations are open for study; there is no greenery to cover up the abundant “evidence.”

X marks the spot

Because Oman is a desert country, there are endless varieties of xerophytes.  A xerophyte is a plant that is adapted to an arid environment. Many xerophytes have specialized tissues for storing water, as in the stems of cacti and the leaves of succulents. Others have thin, narrow leaves, or even spines, for minimizing water loss. Xerophyte leaves often have abundant stomata to maximize gas exchange during periods in which water is available, and the stomata are recessed in depressions, which are covered with fine hairs to help trap moisture in the air. (The Free Dictionary: xerophyte)

xerophyte on Jebel Akhdar

another xerophyte along my walking trail in Nizwa