Friday, June 8: Friendship. There are so many ways to show friendship and to see it in others.  Share a picture about FRIENDSHIP with everyone!

This picture shows the easygoing fellowship of boys in Oman.  Since the sexes are always separated, the boys go out exploring Oman with their friends.  This is common everywhere outdoors.  I rarely see a woman walking about in nature in Oman, and if I do, she is usually wearing the abaya and scarf.  She is always accompanied by her husband or family.  The women rarely have the freedom to go out swimming and hiking in a wadi, like these boys do.  I met these guys in Wadi Bani Khalid over the National Holiday last November, and the young man with the striped shirt in the forefront, Adil, is the one who invited me to his brother’s wedding in Al Awabi.  He felt very sorry for me because I was traveling alone and no matter what I said, I couldn’t convince him that I enjoyed doing so!

friendship in Wadi Bani Khalid