Monday, June 4:  Ailsa from Where’s my backpack? created a new travel theme for this week: Rhythm.  She writes:

There is an undeniable rhythm to travel, particularly slow travel, that I adore. The clickety-clack of a train speeding along rails, the gentle (and sometimes not so gentle) bobbing of a boat, and my favourite, the clippety-clop of a horse. The rhythm of air travel is less evident; the pockets of turbulence more staccato than anything else, although I suppose you could find rhythm in the repetition of taking your shoes off and putting them back on, putting your toiletries in a plastic baggie and taking them back out again.

However you reach your destination; once you’re there, part of the joy of discovering a new place is learning its rhythm. In general, islands seem to have a slower rhythm than the mainland; cities are faster than towns which in turn are faster than villages. Each one is slightly different and often, the biggest clue to the rhythm of life in a new place is the music you hear on the streets.

Here are some photos for rhythm in Oman.

Bedouin music-makers at Al Areesh Desert Camp in Sharqiya Sands, Oman

at Camp Al Areesh

This is one of my favorite places to go in Oman, this desert camp at Sharqiya Sands, with its Bedouin experience.  I love the drumbeat rhythms and the liveliness of these evenings in a large tent under the stars.  People often dance and clap along with the singers in this throwback to earlier, and simpler, times.