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Thursday, May 31:  Today I was trying to kill time while waiting to meet a friend for lunch at Bareeq Al Shatti Mall’s Ubhar Restaurant.  I hadn’t had a pedicure in some time, so I popped in to Dr. Fish to let the fish nibble away the dead skin from my heels.  I have seen these kinds of things in Cambodia and Vietnam and Korea, where the fish therapy is cheaper than in Oman.  I paid 3 rials (nearly $8) for a 15 minute session with the little fish, who nibbled away to their hearts’ content.  I found that 15 minutes is not nearly long enough to get rid of all my dead skin.  They were just skimming the surface.  If I had done the 30 minutes for 5 rials, they would have had the feast of a lifetime!

welcome to Dr. Fish!

the Dr. Fish fish tank

the little therapy pools

colorful little fish feasting on feet

fish like slivers of colorful ribbon