Monday, May 28: Here are Cee’s life questions for this week:

What’s your favorite holiday and why?

I love Thanksgiving in the USA.  It’s not too full of hype and stress, as Christmas always seems to be, and it’s wonderful to have family gathered around all day relaxing and enjoying a feast together.  My family lounges around and naps after the meal, and then we play games afterwards. I love all the traditional Thanksgiving foods, such as turkey and stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin & apple pie and, especially, green bean casserole!!

Do you prefer your food separated or mixed together?

I always like my food separated, and I usually eat one thing at a time.  Unless there is gravy involved; I love to mix that with everything!

Before making a phone call, do you ever rehearse what you are going to say?

Only if I know it’s going to be a difficult conversation.  Like a job interview or a potential conflict with someone. Or if I feel I need to speak up about something that really bothers me.  Other than that, I don’t rehearse.

When you are with your friends, do your interactions include much touching—for example, hugging, kissing, rough housing, rubbing backs?   Would you like to have more of this?

I’m sad to say I’m not a very touchy person.  If it’s someone I’m romantic with, I can be more touchy, holding hands and hugging, but with friends, I’m generally not this way.  I have to say I would like to have more of this, as long as it’s someone I really enjoy and care about.  I actually think I’m a quite difficult person to get close to….

Sometimes I can be touchy-feely, when I feel really comfortable with people. This is Johanna, me and Ryan: we spent 2 years together getting our Master’s degrees at George Mason University and did a study abroad program in Singapore & Thailand. Ryan and I also did a study abroad trip to Mexico. We went through a lot together so I feel close to them… 🙂