Monday, May 28:  After Mario and I leave Bidbid, we head to the pottery souq at Fanja, where we find unglazed pots, baskets, brooms, chests, gaudy fake flower arrangements in cellophane, dried fish & limes, incense burners, straw mats, tacky brightly colored ceramic animals and the goat fodder we saw the Bangladeshi boys harvesting in Bidbid.

pottery at the fanja souq

brooms for sale!

hanging pottery

fake flowers in cellophane!

goat fodder for sale??

After the souq, we take a walk up to the walled village and watchtower, perched high on a hilltop overlooking the modern town.  Towers galore dot the surrounding hills. We find a decaying mishmash of ruined mud brick buildings, along with some more modern and apparently inhabited buildings.

the walled ruins of Fanja

the view of modern Fanja from the ruins of old Fanja

through the ruins

windows on Fanja

the Sultan’s photo painted on one of the houses in the midst of the Fanja ruins

view of modern Fanja from the ruined hilltop

watchtowers on surrounding hilltops

the ruined ruins

We can’t believe how crazy we are walking around in these temperatures.  However, Mario comments that we are in fact doing it, so it must not be impossible.  Agreed!  Onward we go to Muscat, to share a drink along the humid coast at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.