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Thursday, May 24: Once again, right under the wire, I make it to Bait Muzna Art Gallery to see an exhibition on its final day. As a matter of fact, some of the pieces have already been removed from the walls and are packed up, ready to ship out.  At least I make it to see most of the exhibition.  Whew!

The exhibition, called Creative Spaces, features contemporary pieces by three artists.The paintings are colorfully evocative of Oman’s landscape and architecture.  I enjoy it immensely!  To read more about the exhibition, read The Week’s Going Abstract.

Abdul Majeed Karooh‘s “Oman Architectural” series was inspired by his father, one of Muscat’s main constructors, who taught him all his know-how.  Karooh also focuses on the beauty of the capital coastline and produces amazing bright contemporary landscapes which depict joyful memories of his childhood.

part of the Door Series (?) by Abdul Majeed Karooh

Landscape by Abdul Majeed Karooh

Adnan Al Raisi concentrates on color, technique and the abstract subject. Since 1998 he has moved from realism, including realistic landscapes of Oman, to abstract.

Arabian Night III by Adnan Al Raisi

by Adnan Al Raisi

Finally, the third artist is Tahira Fida, who is fascinated by communication and the means the human race have employed.  Her work is rich in symbols, characters and letters from different languages, especially the ancient ones such as Aramaic and Hieroglyphic.

Nizwa Door I by Tahira Fida

Overall, a lovely exhibition.  I can’t wait to see the next exhibit at Bait Muzna Gallery: an exhibition by Hussain Al Hajri opening on Monday, May 28 at 7 pm until June 30, 2012.

To see more about the art gallery, go here: Bait Muzna Gallery.